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Лот 61 - Auction 53

Tapering albarello, cylindrical neck and lowered shoulder, rounded slightly flaring opening. Luxurious majolica in blue cobalt patterns on light blue background; on the shoulder, slanting sticks between circles motive; perpendicular strips divided by lines adorned the body, enriched by stylized volute palmette, typical decoration of Islamic hermitage. Several comparisons are in the middle eastern production, as in Persia and Syria, in particular in Damascus manufacturing, directed to European art market, characterized by high aesthetic and technical levels.

H. cm. 24,5; Øb.cm. 9; Ømx 12.
Cond.: very good, small chippings on the shoulder.

Middle East (Syria or Persia), early XV century

This beautiful albarello is realized in Islamic – Moorish style, with brilliant color cobalt, valued and precious mineral. Some examples are in the middle eastern manufacturing, characterized by high level technologies. It is possible assume a workshop in Damascus, Syria, transit point for “damaschina” style products in the European market. It is possible assume that the albarello travelled throw Morocco, until Spain and the Italian lands by sea, the same way of Spanish-Moorish majolica in late Middle Age, requested by wealthy families.


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