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Rectangular ceramic tablet, inserted in a molded wooden frame with golden fillet. The main surface has strong yellow pigments, a vigorous blue and green spots, full painted page with Holy Family of Dürer; the rear is undecorated; on the frame, a small ownership cartouche with handwrite: Firenze …. fine ‘400 / ‘500.

Tablet 27 x 20,5; framed cm. 35 x 28.
Cond.: very good; intact.
C. S. R. Radioactivity study center. Dating service of archaeological finds, 8 /10/ 2001, Prot. N. 122TL/01: 1540 – 1555.

Cafaggiolo, early XVI century
The amazing tablet finely reproduces an Albrecht Dürer engrave, incised in 1511, depicting the Holy Family, enriched by angels, musicians and devotees.
Over the incredible talent to laying out the design, the painter has a poetic pictorial technique, characterized by delicate colors; with a bright touch, volumes are defined, as visible on drapery of Virgin Mary’s garment, in which the blue abates to white (bianchetto), or as the yellow color transformed in a nuance called “giallolino” and at last, as the extraordinary chiaroscuro game of the trees.
This extremely rare talent allows to identify a specific excellence manufacturing. The cartouche suggests Florence as the origin of purchase; the track corresponds to the ductus study, that carries to Cafaggiolo manufacturing. This latter is a Medicean castle, close to Florence, center of important artists of the 1500s, making Italian majolica masterpieces. It is possible assign this tablet to Jacopo di Stefano di Filippo, attested between 1531 and 1576, signing the plate with “Giuditta escaping from Betulia” (V.A.M., London). Both artworks have the same technical composition, the well balanced use of yellow and blue colors, even the depiction of grass and stones of the soil. Prints recalling Dürer - in Cafaggiolo - are attested also in the “Compianto su Cristo morto” tablet of ancient Adda Collection (Paris).

[Reference: B. Rackham, Islamic Pottery and Italian Maiolica, London 1959, n. 326; G. Cora-A. Fanfani, La maiolica di Cafaggiolo, Florence 1982 , n. 50]


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