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Лот 70 - Auction 53

Rippled high wall basin, four sections divided, four sliced, total sixteen fluted; high and large everted ring stand. Painted majolica in polychrome: two tones yellow segments on the rim, “raffaellesche” style on the wall; “Figura femminile su prato” on the inner surface, holding over the head a written ribbon: “AMA.IDIO.E.NON.FALIRE.FA.PVR.BEN”. Outer in white colored majolica.
H. cm. 14; Ø cm. 37; Ø cm.12.
Cond.: very good.

Deruta, late XVI – early XVII century

Rare basin characterized by a still good preserved “raffaellesca”, with main elegant depiction and popular wisdom writing. This vessel has a comparison in a pedestal vase, smaller than it but presenting the same arrangement. The “raffaellesca” motive is more vernacular than the basin, nowadays at the Regional Museum of Pottery in Deruta.

[References: Aa.Vv., Antiche maioliche di Deruta, Spoleto 1980, p. 19, pedestal vase in the Civic Museum of pottery – Deruta, XVII century].


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