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Лот 72 - Auction 53

Polychrome illustrated majolica tile; on the main surface the depiction of Morte di Lucrezia; undecorated on the rear. Dying Lucrezia, pierced by a sword, on the right is supported by an Angel holding a book (the Gospel?); on the left, she is comforted by two handmaids or matrons. Here the Roman episode, told in Tito Livio work, becomes symbol of Christian virtue. Beautiful depiction of the Angel in a suggestive setting, in which worldly architectural elements coexist with Paradisiac foreshadowed land. The Lucrezia image is inspired by Luca da Reggio paint (1605-1654), born in Emilia, active in Veneto region. Meanwhile the depiction and the pictorial ductus could be insert in the style and models of Carmine Gentili a Castelli.
Cm. 26 x 35,5; .
Cond.: good, one glued section.

Castelli, Carmine Gentili, 1720-1740.


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