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Rectangular tablet with majolica recto.
Polychrome painted Majolica depicting a complex representation.
On the left a urban landscape with Doric columns in the foreground supporting an entablature as a frame for an urban landscape with Renaissance palaces and strolling figures. Down from the left to the center is depicted a rural scene: a yellow ram is followed by a shepherdess with basket and apron knotted at the waist. She indicates lambs with her hand. In the background a seascape and swallows in the sky. On the right on a small island a man seen from behind with a large cloak scrutinizes a sailboat on the sea with a spyglass, a girl with a blue dress is seated and looks towards the sea. The depiction ends with a tangle of leafy trees, one in yellow, another in green with twisted trunks.
Cm. 26 x 20; .
Cond .: excellent. small chippings on the rim.

Castelli, Carlo Antonio Grue, late XVII - early XVIII.

The beautiful tablet certainly belongs to the hand of Carlo Antonio, for comparison with majolica, in the Matricardi collection, exceptionally signed by him "C.A.G. CASTELLI ", where the two-color of the tree-lined enviroment is the same, like the complexity of the landscape with various views. Despite the inscription "Castelli" is also assigned to a hypothetical period of Urbino by Carlo Antonio (Fiocco et alii 2012, No. 119) following his son Francesco Antonio, graduated in Urbino in 1705 who painted some tablets, but marking VRB and not Castelli (Gardelli 2004). Carlo Antonio inaugurates the new Central European style linked to landscape painters, particularly Poussin, present in Rome where he died in 1665, and Lorrain, whose ancient world linked style we find in the two columns of the tablet, similar to those of the painting "Marina con Enea a Delo "in London (National Gallery). Carlo Antonio does not copy but re-elaborates images, inspired by the engraved prints of great painters.
[G. Gardelli 2004, Francesco Antonio Saverio Grue. Letterato, Poeta and Pittore. 1686- 1746, (s.l., but Teramo); C. Fiocco et alii, Capolavori della maiolica castellana dal Cinquecento al terzo fuoco. La collezione Matricardi, Turin 2012.]


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