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Лот 75 - Auction 53

Porcelain oval shape tray, slightly converging brim, notable inner wall, large inner surface. Gold painted band in relief on the brim, with small silver inserts and turquoise gilded dots. On the brim: sequence of winged fantastic animals, confronting each other, divided by a bunch of three grain spikes, alternating arranged, following a heraldic symbolism. Extraordinary curly volutes bond the composition. Gold colored narrow inner wall. On the inner surface: mythological painted scene, rich colored depicting “Venere nella fucina di Vulcano”. Outer, the Vienna stamp; on the right, writing in gold Venus in Er Schmiede des Vulcan 1801; impressed “P” letter; on one side, five gilded spots, light relief.
H. 7,5; Cm. 55x40,5;
Cond: very good.

Vienna, Imperial workshop, painter P; 1801.

Freely inspired to Venere domanda le armi a Vulcano per Enea, painted by Francois Boucher, dated to 1732 (Louvre). On the left: Venus with Eros and seated maids on a cloud, close to forge entrance. On the right: Vulcano shows the forged weapons; assistants in the inner of the building. Interesting depiction of Vulcano, pointing the hold shield; in the center, the Trifoglio, ancient symbol of Fürth, “fascinating clover city”, of Bavaria Land. Probably commissioned by the local community or by a wealthy family, because of the abundant use of gold color, the elegance of heraldic decorative patterns and in particular the painting talent of a great artist.


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