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Лот 76 - Auction 53

Oval Plate
Porcelain oval plate, entirely polychrome painted inserted in an original wooden frame. In the blue colored sky Il tempo sottrae la Verità dall’invidia e dalla discordia. On the lower side, close to the rim, the author sign, covered by the frame: J. B. Cousin Fecit 1807.
Ø cm. 14,5; with frame cm. 20,5.
Cond.: intact.

France, painter Jean Baptiste Cousin; 1807.

Classic typology iconography is inspired by Nicola Poussin paint “Il tempo e la Verità”, dated to 1641, nowadays at Louvre. Jean Baptiste Cousin, porcelain painter, has a great artistic talent; he painted a porcelain, probably acquired in Sèvres, maybe for personal use.


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