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Лот 2 - Auction 54

25.000,00-35.000,00 GBP
Базовая стоимость лотов:
15.000,00 GBP
Текущее предложение:
19.500,00 GBP
Все предложения:

Egyptian polychrome glass flask in the form of a Bird
18th Dynasty (1549-1292 BC); length cm 8; Extremely rare typology: maybe an Egyptian goose or a turtle dove. This flask is intact and fragile, not assembled from fragments. Provenance: The Gotha Precious Collection: property of a Swiss Collector; with Oswald Burchard, Zurich, until 1983; formerly part of the M. Hess Collection (Hotel Jura, Basel).


Статус лота:
Аукцион закрыт