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Лот 293 - Auction 54

1.200,00-1.500,00 GBP
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500,00 GBP
500,00 GBP
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A carnelian intaglio. Bust of Zeus Serapis, turned to the left, surrounded by the inscription in greek letters: ΜΕΓΑΤΟΝΟΜΑΤΟΥCAPAΠIC. That is: MEGA TO (O)NOMA TOY SARAPIS ("Great is the name of Serapis"). This combination of the effigy with the inscription can be read as a representation of the supreme power of Zeus Serapis, related to mysterical cults. Some words of the inscription can be found, even if displayed differently and in short form (in the style of magic invocations), on the reverse of some small lead plates (of the imperial age) which should have been worn by those devoted to the cult of Serapis (on the front of the small plate/pendant there is Zeus Serapis' bust). Intaglio of a particular historical interest and unusuality. Wear marks. 2nd-3rd century A.D.
9 x 12 x 2 mm


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