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Burnett A., Wartenberg U., Witschonke R., Coins of Macedonia and Rome. Essays in honour of Charles Hersh. Spink, London 1998. Copertina rigida con sovraccoperta, 229pp., 34 tavole B/N. Nuovo

22 articoli: The coinage of King Derdas and the history of the Elimiote Dynasty- by Katerini Liampi - Philotas? A new coinage from Macedonia - by Ute Wartenberg - The coins of the Macedonian kings, Lysimachos and Eupolemos in the museums of Fethiye and Afyon - by Richard Ashton - Alexander in Asia Minor- by Georges Le Rider - The ‘Ain Tab hoard (IGCH 1542) - by William E. Metcalf - Ants and eagles: some late Alexander staters from Amphipolis - by Hyla A. Troxell - Back to the future. Alexander the Great's silver and gold in the Balkans: the hoard evidence - by Yannis Touratsoglou - Two hoards of minor silver - by Arnold Spaer - Lions and lionesses, eagles and a few heads: a new uncertain mint in Caria - by Silvia Hurter - The coins in the name of Sura - by François de Callataÿ - Selinus and the quadrigatus - by Michael Crawford - The Mars/eagle and thunderbolt gold and Ptolemaic involvement in the Second Punic War -by A.R. Meadows - More evidence for the early denarius - by Richard Schaefer - Some late 'early' Republican quinarii - by Richard Witschonke - Unpublished Roman Republican bronze coins - by R. Russo - Roman Republican coinage c.150-90 BC - by H.B. Mattingly - The coinage of the Social War - by Andrew Burnett - Coinage, credit and the aerarium in the 80s BC - by J.H.C. Williams - The coinage of Bibulus again - by Michel Amandry - A group of Eraviscan denarii - by Robert D. Freeman - Roman Republican coins in the Manchester Museum - by Keith Sugden - Overstrikes and imitative coinages in central Italy in the late Republic - by C. Stannard.


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