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Лот 181 - Auction 61

8.000,00-10.000,00 EUR
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8.000,00 EUR
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Genova 1860 - ivi 1919

Lot comprising numerous autograph manuscripts, including diaries, many photographs and a large amount of correspondence with the most famous figures of his time: Nitti, Bissolati, Sonnino, Ojetti, Roux, Luzzatti, D'Annunzio, Sartorio, Visconti Venosta, Maraini, Albertini and many others. Gobbi – Belcredi was a well-known Italian journalist, born in Genoa and with a degree in law., He gained considerable fame thanks to his articles "from the front", especially during the early Italian colonial period. He edited the newspaper "La Patria degli italiani" in Buenos Aires and was editor-in-chief of the "Stampa" in Rome. In 1900 he founded the magazine “L’Italia coloniale”, after the landing of the Bersaglieri from the Gottardo ship; the newspaper was published for four years. His first trip to Africa dated back to 1881, when he travelled as far as the remote Assab to attend the landing of the first Italian soldiers. A talented journalist, Gobbi - Belcredi reported on the landing and consolidation of the Massaua colony from February 1885 onwards on behalf of the 'Tribuna' and 'Secolo' newspapers .- (for a detailed list, see the document attached to the lot)


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