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Campinas 1836 – Belém 1896

Autographed musical quotation by the Brazilian composer taken from the opera "Fosca": "Fosca - act I ° - scale 1873 - 1878 ... Che il tempo cambi il colore fosco in quello roseo...". Dated "10-2-89". In 1866 he wrote the music for "Se sa minga" a review by Antonio Scalvini, which made his name. In 1868 they followed those for the review "Nella Luna". In the meantime he began the composition of his first opera. With a view to creating an opera that reflected Brazilian reality, Carlos Gomes chooses to base it on the romantic novel O Guarani by Brazilian writer José de Alencar. Fosca was composed three years later and performed at the Teatro alla Scala. One page in-8.


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