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Лот 142 - Auction 67

4.600,00 GBP
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Sicily, Syracuse, Tetradrachm struck under the Second Democracy, unsigned work by Sosion and Eumenos, ca. 413-405 BC
AR (g 17,09; mm 26,5; h 7)
Charioteer driving fast quadriga l.; above, Nike flying r., crowning charioteer; below, crane standing l.; in ex, fish and dolphin swimming l., Rv. ΣVPAKOΣION, head of Arethusa l.; around, four dolphins. Tudeer 16; HGC 1327; SNG ANS 255; SNG Lloyd 1366; de Luynes 1189.
An amazing and fascinating coin, struck on a large flan and characterized by a very nice style. Cabinet tone, good extremely fine - about fdc.


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