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Лот 24 - Auction 68 - Session I

400,00-600,00 EUR
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250,00 EUR
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Vintage 1929/1935 set, celluloid Fountain Pen & Pencil Parker Duofold Lapis Lazuli blue, lady's size, Nib C

the set is one of the first examples of Parker Duofold in Permanite (celluloid) streamlined with smooth tapered ends and ringtop chateleine placed on the market starting late 1929. They have the barrels marked ""GEO.S. PARKER PARKER DUOFOLD MADE IN CANADA 44" and the pen nib bears the words "PARKER DUOFOLD PEN CANADA C". The loading system is the "Botton Filler", carried out by pressing and releasing the metal button located under the black ebonite pad. Length: pen 11.5 cm, pencil 8.5 cm. Item condition grading: **** good, the celluloid is still in good condition and has not been polished, the original gold filled double band on the cap is in good conditions. This is a vintage pen, not tested, it seems in good working order but it could need a minor overhauling and/or control before use.


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