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Лот 66 - Auction 68 - Session I

400,00-600,00 EUR
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300,00 EUR
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320,00 EUR
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Montblanc Donation pen Sir G. Solti ballpoint pen 35928

this 2005 Limited Edition Ballpoint pen is a beautiful tribute to the pianist and conductor Sir George Solti. The pen is in black resin with twist mechanism and bears the signature of the conductor in red, in the same way he usually signs his musical score. Piano key on the clip. Orignal box with illustrative booklet and double deck of original unused Montblanc Bridge card dedicated to the famous conductor; the card game was one of Maestro Solti's great passions. Lenght 14 cm. Item condition grading: ***** excellent. Unused.


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Аукцион закрыт