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Massinissa and Sophonisba is an original artwork realized by Jean Gérardin in the second half of the XVII century. Original etching on paper.

Titled and signed on the lower margin. Etching d'aprés Pietro da Cortona.

Good conditions.

The artwork represents the story of Massinissa and Sophonisba, an historical episode of the two young lovers that lived during the III century B.C. in Cartagena. The young daughter of Asdrubale, the Carthaginian commander, was forced to marry the enemy of Massinissa, the King of Numidia, Siface. The scene depicts the King Massinissa on the left; the scene is from an original artwork realized by the Italian artist Pietro da Cortona (Cortona, 1596 - Rome, 1669).

The artwork was realized by the French artist Jean Gérardin, who was active from 1650 to 1680.
21.5 x 30.5


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