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Лот 259 - Auction 99

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Fusion of Bodies is a superb gouache and China ink on silk, realized by an anonymous Japanese artist of the XIX century, probably in the second half of the XIX century.

From a series of twelve Japanese erotic silk paintings, wrongly titled "Shunga". Mounted under a yellow cardboard passepartout (37 x 26.8 cm).

This modern artwork of little dimensions, but of extraordinary quality and incredible freshness of color, represents an erotic scene between two young Japanese lovers portrayed in a fusion of bodies in which it is difficult to understand where one finishes and the other one begins.

Without ever being vulgar or too explicit, but with extreme elegance, our ancient Japanese artwork, in excellent conditions, except for very little burnish stains on the lower margin, still astounds for its refinement and harmony of colors and balance of composition, revealing an incredible full mastery of this superfine artistic technique.
12x16 (foglio), 37 x 26.8 (passepartout)


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