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Лот 261 - Auction 99

110,00 EUR
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Erotic Scene is a superb gouache and China ink on silk, realized by an anonymous Japanese artist of the XIX century, probably in the second half of the XIX century.

From a series of twelve Japanese erotic silk paintings, wrongly titled "Shunga". Mounted under a yellow cardboard passepartout (37 x 26.8 cm).

Of extraordinary quality and finesse, our ancient Japanese artwork represents a couple of Japanese lovers: their bodies are melted in a sensual embrace of love, their fusion is total!

In excellent conditions, as good as new with an incredible freshness of colors and a really superb technique, this little-dimensions modern artwork still astounds for its refinement and for the meticulousness reserved to the precious fabrics that envelop the two lovers.
12x16 (foglio), 37 x 26.8 (passepartout)


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