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Family is an original pencil drawing on thick cream-colored paper, realized by the French artist, Jules Marie Auguste Leroux ( Paris 1871-1954) painter and illustrator.

A nice drawing representing a genre scene, a familiar idyllic scene of a mother and a father with their child under a big tree, with the typical rapid line of the sketch, revealing a skilled and trained hand.

A really pleasant modern artwork, in very good conditions, except for a diffused foxing on the margins and some minor stains on the lower margin.

Auguste Leroux was a brilliant artist, winner of the Prix de Rome in painting in 1906 and was a member of the Académie des beaux-arts.

Leroux exhibited in several galleries in Paris including the Galerie Allard, Galerie Georges Petit, Galerie Charpentier and Galerie Mona Lisa. He also executed the plans of several public buildings and created some images for the mosaic of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre.

A skilled lithographer, he worked with the great engravers of his time as Gusman, Eugene Decisy, Raoul Serres, Florian. His first works were full of symbolism and art nouveau mixed with many references to mythological subjects.
20 x 16.8 (foglio), 14,5 x 12 (image)


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