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Лот 282 - Auction 99

70,00 EUR
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Bather Sketch is an original artwork realized by Michel Simonidy in the first years of the XX Century.

China ink on cardboard. The mark of the artist appears both on the back and on the lower right corner of the sheet.

Mint conditions.

Fresh sketch representing a bather in the nature realized with black intense ink.

The artwork has been realized by Michel Simonidy (Bucarest, 1870 - Paris, 1933) an artist active in France. He was painter of historical subject, genre scenes, figure, nudes, portraits, landscapes, still life. He used to realized the works in gouache, watercolor, pastels but also illustrations. He was one of the pupils of Léon Bonnat, Fernand Humbert and Gabriel Ferrier and obtained the mention at the Universal Exposition in 1889 and a silver medal at the Universal Exposition of 1900. He became chevalier of the Honour Legion on 1901.
10.5 x 12.5


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