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Лот 291 - Auction 99

100,00 EUR
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Green Landscape is an original charcoal and watercolor on paper realized by Jean Dreyfus-Stern in the first decades of the XX Century.

The signature of the artist is present on the lower left corner.

Good conditions.

Biref sketch rapresenting a verdant and lush landscape with buildings on a mountain.
The composition is very fresh and the colors are soft.

The artwork has been realized by Jean Dreyfus-Stern (Paris, 1890 - Paris, 1980), a pupil of Maurice Denis and Antoine Bourdelle. He was captured by painting and became the pupil of Charles-François-Prosper Guérin (for painting) and Bernard Naudin (for engraving) and he attended the Académie Colarossi.
23 x 29


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