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From the collection “Le antichità de’ contorni di Roma”(..), Rome, 1826 by L. Rossini, an artist's proof with sharp details, representing Temple Ruins in Tivoli. Signed on plate “Rossini dis. e inc.” lower-left corner, with indication of date and place “Roma, 1824”. In very good conditions with lower corners lightly damaged.

Luigi Rossini (1790 - 1857)

Like Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Luigi Rossini was an architect and his etchings have the same tendency to emphasize the massive constructions of the Ancient Rome. He became famous thanks to his etchings representing Roman landscapes and antique monuments. Among which “Le antichità de' contorni di Roma ossia le più famose città del Lazio. Tivoli, Albano, Castel Gandolfo, Palestrina, Tuscolo, Cora e Ferentino”, a collection of 72 plates published in Rome, 1826.

51.5 x 70.8 (foglio), 46 x 65 (image)


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