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Los Nr. 119 - Auction 243

1.000,00/1.200,00 €
635,00 EUR

Mechanical automaton doll

Mechanical automaton doll, late 19th century. With biscuit head, marked HEUBACH KOPPELSDORF - 407.15 / 6 - GERMANY, open mouth, real hair wig, body with wood pulp limbs, dressed in fabric, silk, velvet and lace, with hat on the head. In his right hand he holds a Venetian carnival-like eye mask. The doll is seated on a wooden base, covered in velvet, which hides the mechanism and a music box, with working spring charge; by operating the key, the doll brings the arm with the mask to the height of the face, lowering and raising the head, and the music box plays an unidentified music
In very good condition, working mechanism. Measure cm. 32 in height, the base 12.5x12.5x8 cm


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