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Lot 46 - Auction 32

10.000,00-12.000,00 EUR
Starting price:
8.000,00 EUR
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0,00 EUR

Castelli, second half of the 16th Century.
Majolica totally painted in turquoise. Recto: decorations in gold and white with a stemma Farnese in the middle, surmounted by a cardinal’s hat, concerned to Alessandro Farnese.
Ø 24cm.
Cond.: good; Trace of spinning on the edge. The plate belongs to a huge production which was commissioned by Alessandro Farnese cardinal, from 1574 to 1589, the date of his death. Many of them are scattered along public and private collections, we’d like to remember the collection with 72 majolica that belongs to Capodimonte museum.


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