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Lot 904 - Auction 15

Netherlands, Nijmegen, The Peace of Nijmegen and death of Van der Linden, 1677, engraver J. Rottier; AR (g 157,60; mm 73; h 12) ; PROSPICE DVM THRIVE, Vanity standing l., looking at oneself, holding a rope which is linked to the Fortuna blindfolded, holding cornucopia and palm; at l., a ship, Rv. PM GERARD VANDER LYNDEN, funerary monument with urn; above, coat of arms with two putti holding a veil; below, down, laureate skull, bones, a lamp and a caduceus. V. Loon III S. 275.
Extremely rare, contemporary coinage, cabinet tone, minor breaks of die, about extremely fine.


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