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Lot 317 - Auction 66 - Part II

1.800,00-2.000,00 GBP
Starting price:
750,00 GBP
Price realized:
0,00 GBP

An italic banded agate intaglio. A warrior consults an oracle.
10 x 12 x 2 mm
A naked warrior armed with a sword turns to an oracle offering a sacrifice: with his left hand he holds a short sword, with his right hand a spherical element (globe, fruit); with the right forearm it supports a mantle. The character turns to a rectangular altar on which a column is raised around which a snake intertwines (sacred animal of oracular ambit). Dotted frame near the edge. Italic "Etruscan" style. Use of globular elements. Interesting rendering of anatomical details. Slight signs of wear. Attractive stone color. Rare.For comparisons: G. M. Richter, Catalog of engraved gems. Greek, Etruscan and Roman, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, plate XXXIV n. 227.
3rd-2nd century BC.


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