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Lot 81 - Auction 74

Japan, Momoyama - Edo period 16th-18th century

The armour consisting of a helmet (kabuto) made of twelve iron plates and signed Toshitsugu, a tehen kanamono with two copper layers, iron mabizashi visor, a neck guard shikoro with five blades, open-work fukigaeshi with the heraldic coat of arms (kamon) of the owner (a larger circle in the center surrounded by eight small circles), in the center of the front of the helmet a maedate shaped like Fudō Myōō, the Buddha of Knowledge in its terrifying aspect, the lacquered iron menpō mask with animal hair moustache, the dō cuirass made of four iron plaques on the front, the kote in metal mail with lacquered iron plates, the iron shoulder straps sode with five iron blades laced in silk, the haidate protection for the thighs also made of metal mail and iron plates, the tsuneate shin guards with large iron plates with metal mail, a blue and white banner with the coat of arms of the owner, an old containment box.

Provenance: Fabrizio Savi collection, acquired from Andy Mancabelli between 1995 and 2000.

This precious armour - belonged to a high-ranking samurai of the Date clan in the province of Sendai - is characterized by a cuirass explicitly designed to withstand gunfire, two of which have left their mark on this item.


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