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Lot 31 - Auction 85

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Last quarter of 4th century BC
height cm 52; diam. cm 26,5

This volute krater is an example of the most typical forms of Apulian pottery production, knowed as "ornate or monumental style". The characteristic element is the Medusa mask in relief over the handles. On one side, the decoration consists of a naiskos with a standing priestess inside, with her features. The iconography refers to the funerary cult. Above it, on the neck, a female head which blooms from a flowers and tendrils, arranged on the main side. On the other side, a monumental head of a female with sakkos and on the neck a sequence of three palmettes. Under the handles, a large palmetta. Intact. Provenance: English private collection; formerly in the collection of Dr. W.M., Schweinfurt 1970s - 1980s.


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