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Lot 307 - Auction 86

Price realized:
32.000,00 GBP

A very fine french gold parure with agate cameos. Mythological figures.

1840 (circa)

Cameo (earring) min : 12 x 15 mm Cameo (earring) max : 14 x 34 mm Cameo (brooch) : 19 x 24 mm Cameo (comb) min : 8 x 11 mm Cameo (comb) max : 19 x 23 mm Cameo (necklace) min : 13 x 17 mm Cameo (necklace) max : 25 x 32 mm Necklace lenght : 44 cm 170 g

Various mythological subjects. Necklace: a dancer, Venus and Mars from Canova, Venus and Cupid in the act of playing with the bow (after Saulini), Diana huntress with a female figure, Eros with a Muse, Cupid and Psyche, Venus and Cupid in the act of making garlands, Venus and Adonis, a dancer, a dancing figure inspired by Herculaneum frescos. Brooch: Cupid with a Muse; Earrings: cipid with the quiver - a dancer/cupid with the lyre- a Muse (Erato). Diadem: a drunken silenus with tyrsus. All these cameos are finely engraved on two-layers agates of different sizes. All these mytological subjets are inspired by the classical and the neoclassical repertoire, and in particular from works of famous engravers and sculptors. The very fine 18K gold mountings are masterfully chiseled with branches, acanthus leaves and flowers motifs. Small repair with tin on the brooch. Gold marks on the earrings mountings: Head of Ram turned to left, (Paris, 1819-1838, 18K).The lot is sold in its original wooden boxe (red velvet inside) with an old label “Collier de camées d’or fin grammes (?) 137. Fournisseur du roy rou (rue) Favart”, and another label with numbers. Very fine condition.

European private collection 80's


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