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Lot 57 - Auction 87

Price realized:
17.000,00 GBP

The Carthaginians in the Mediterranean, North Africa, Carthago, Trihemistater, Time of First Punic War: ca. 264-241 BC
EL (g 10,93; mm 22; h 12)
Head of Tanit (Kore-Persephone) l., wearing barley-wreath, bar and triple pendant earring and necklace with pendants, Rv. Unbridled horse standing r.; above, sun disk. Jenkins-Lewis Group Xa, 408_1; SNG Copenhagen 182.
Rare and in exceptional condition, with the typical flan crack; one of the the finest specimens known, with the best style of the entire issue. A wonderful reddish tone and good extremely fine.


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Auction closed