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Large group of Apulian and Campanian potteries fragments; 4th century BC. This unique lot proposed is composed of a rich group of vessels, which are interesting examples of the Apulian and Campanian manufacture. The lot includes fragments or vessels partially preserved in red- and black- figure, as lebetes gamikoi, kylikes, lids, dishes, amphorae, olpai and kraters. The iconographic is characterized by maenads, standing youths, swans, palmettes and waves, themes which refer to the Dionysian and ritual sphere.

Provenance. Collection returned by the German Judicial Authority to Herakles Numismatik und Antiquitäten GmbH (München), who acquired it on the European art market since the 1970s; from 2000s the entire collection is located in the United Kingdom; some objects of this collection were bought subsequently by the Italian Government (e.g.: bari.repubblica.it - Archeologia, torna in Puglia la stele dauna di oltre 2.500 anni fa: presa all'asta con una colletta). Almost all objects need restoration, if well executed will be an excellent investment, also a good exercise for scientific or academic purposes. Lot sold as seen, no returns.


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