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Lotto 491 - Asta 66 - Parte II

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A very fine roman garnet intaglio. Orpheus with animals.
20 x 28 x 5 mm
The mythical figure is facing left, sitting on a rock, in the act of swabbing the lyre. In front of it: an almost leafless tree on which a snake is twisted; a bird on the branches (see: nicolo intaglio, Adam and Eve with the snake on the tree, London, British Museum; garnet intaglio set in a gold ring, Hercules in the garden of the Hesperides, 1st century BC, Naples, National Archaeological Musem). At his feet: an eagle with closed wings, a squirrel and behind a dog. Base line. The young character is naked, with apollonian traits (variant without headgear). Recurrent scene on mosaics and small marble reliefs of the imperial age. Mythical figure referring to the arts and the power to enchant animals with music; to him magical and thaumaturgical powers are attributed, with strong laws with the underworld. Intaglio engraved with compositional skill and great technical skill. The stylistic rendering of the head, of the anatomical details of the figure are fully related to the augustan age with still influences of the late Republican glyptic (use of small globular elements; yield of the lira. For a very narrow stylistic border with the nude male figure: green chalcedony intaglio, standing young nude, presumably Apollo, near a shrub and a column with animals, Augustan age, in: J. Boardman, C. Wagner, A collection of Classical and Eastern Intaglios, Rings and Cameos, No. 67). Extraordinary vivid shade of stone. Large setting. Mirror polishing and wear marks. Chipping at the top on the edge. Extremely rare iconography.
End of the 1st century BC - beginning of the 1st century AD.


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