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Lotto 553 - Asta 66 - Parte II

2.500,00-2.800,00 GBP
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1.500,00 GBP
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1.800,00 GBP
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An agate cameo. Frontal mask of a Silene.
20 x 25 x 11 mm
The figure is characterized with fleshy lips, semi-opened mouth and large nose; the forehead is large with a little protuberance on top of the left eyebrow. The face has been sculpted using the stone red-oranged strate, while the hair and the beard have been incised on the white-translucid strate with some redish inclusions. A high-relief work well-executed, using with talent the natural layers of the stone. Mirror polishing. The background of the stone is slightly convex, while on the reverse, presence of concave surface showing the inclusions of the stone. The stone was cut in ancient period. Possibly antique re-worked during the postclassical era, with manierist touch. Apotropaic representation with a reference to the grotesqueness iconography.
End of the 16th - 17th century.


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