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Lotto 1146 - E-Live Auction 36

Sperandio da Mantova (c. 1425-1504). Bartolommeo Pendaglia (d. 1462). Æ Medal (84mm), c. 1462. Bust in profile to the left, wearing flat-topped hat and pleated robe, BARTHOLOMAEVS PENDALIA INSIGNE LIBERALITATIS ET MUNIFICIENTIAE EXEMPLV[M], rev nude male figure seated right, on cuirass and arms, holding spear and sphere, perhaps a large pearl, a thin drape across his shoulders, his left foot resting on a sack overflowing with coins, CAESARIANA LIBERALITAS, and BELOW OPVS SPERANDEI. Hill 356; Arm I 71, 32; Pollard 78. Later cast medal. Good VF


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