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Ricerche sulla natura e sugli usi del suco gastrico in medicina, e in chirurgia di Bassiano Carminati professore di medicina nella regia università di Pavia Milano, nell’imperial monistero di s. Ambrogio Maggiore, 1785

§ 4to (205 x260); [IV] leaves, 130 pp., sign: [no signature]1-4, A-P1-4, Q1-6. Contemporary vellum, with later addition of marbled paper on spine and part of both cover, gilt title piece on spine. Fine copy.

First edition, translated in German in the same year. The Italian physician Bassiano Carminati studied in Pavia and for some years he practiced medicine in Lodi, his birthplace; here he also published his first work in 1777 and the success obtained earned him the position of professor of general therapy, medical matters and pharmacology at the University of Pavia. He taught until 1810 and was then appointed Member of the Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Italy.” (Hoefer; De Renzi). Carminati studied the differences of the gastric juice in fed and fasted animals and suggested their use in the treatment of some kind of cancer, ulcers and wounds.
Ref: De Renzi, V, 357 and passim; Hoefer VIII p. 770; James Southworth Steen A Selected Chronological Bibliography of Biology and Medicine Part 1B 1637-1809 ;Willich, A. F. M. The Domestic Encyclopædia (Vol. 1, 1802) p. 430


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