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Лот 27 - Auction 32

48.000,00-50.000,00 EUR
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45.000,00 EUR
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polycromy painted majolica Plate. URBINO, studio of Guido Durantino; 1535-40.Recto: Teseo, Ippolito and Fedra; verso: anepigraphic.Ø cm. 27; brim cm. 6. Cond.: excellent; in the verso some firing withdrawed enamelsIn the plate center foreground are illustrated Fedra and his husband Teseo wielding a sword, at the bottom, the prince Ippolito fleeing on a coach brightly colored, the elaborated history, the beauty la bellezza e the accuracy of painting leads to think this plate by the studio of one of the most important Urbino ceramists: Guido Fontana, also known as Durantino.


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