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Лот 28 - Auction 32

1.300,00-1.500,00 EUR
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800,00 EUR
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800,00 EUR
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FBB 17- Cavetto on ring base (?) URBINO, Guido Merlini studio, Francesco durantino painter; 1543 – 1546.Stained Majolica painted in polycromy. Recto: Perseo and Andromeda; verso: De andromeda / e perseo writing and the initials of the artist. Ø 13 cm.Cond: good; one glueing.The fragment illustrates Perseo in the process of being kill the sea monster to free Andromeda. It’s important because of the high quality of the painting and the initials, still unknown but attributable to Francesco Durantino.


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Аукцион закрыт