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Лот 66 - Auction 53

Albarello with defined central tapering; on the upper section, the opening presents a metal tube with large stand, with central hole, reaching the base; easily extractable. Polychrome painted majolica, with Eros alato e faretrato in paesaggio.
H. cm. 15; Ø b. cm. 13.
Cond.: only one hole at the base, maybe a filing on the rim.

Urbino, Orazio Fontana, sixth decade of XVI century

The rich polychrome albarello is part of Orazio Fontana works, after the parting from his father workshop, in ‘500. Eros flies on a river, with an urban scene on the background. The albarello finds several comparisons with signed works through pictorial ductus, polychrome and general design; one of them is actually at the British Museum with “Fate in botega di Orazio Fontana” written on it. This delicate albarello is ascribable between the 1565 and 1571, in which Orazio had his own workshop.

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