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White porcelain egg, a silk violet colored ribbon crosses the body, coming out terminals are covered by a gold applied dome, tied in a bow. A gold chiseled leaf on one side, shaping an A letter, similar to medieval miniature. On the upper section a cross with a crown; ending with the monogram forming the Roman number three. The gold colored elements are decorated with a very elegant geometrical chiseling technique, various designs. Lightweight silk characterized by branches of daisies embroidery, with white corolla and light green foliage; worked in stem stitch.
H. cm.11,5.
Cond.: very good; probably original clefts tracks due to admission of little dome.

St. Petersburg, Imperial manufacturing, jeweler Fabergé, commissioned by Alessandro III, Tsar of Russia, for his diplomatic corps; 1885 ca.

The famous Peter Carl Fabergé Easter eggs are an extraordinary example of jewelry; made under Alexander III commission (Tsar from 1881 to 1894) since 1885, as Easter present for his wife. A minor art production is less famous of the latter, but elegant and elitist in the same way; desired by Alexander III for his diplomatic corps. The porcelain egg is realized by the Fabergé workforce of the Imperial Manufacturing in Saint Petersburg. Chiseled gold leaf and the monogram offers a graceful aspect to the egg. The prerogative of Alexander III was to donate an important object to noble families, enriched by his precious monogram. The “brisè” flan is a clear example, made in ivory, composed by a gold monogram, two set diamonds on the crown and gold imperial symbol, Tsar’s gift to the noble family of Kovalevskaya, between 1885 and 1890. This unpublished porcelain egg is the Tsar present to Bernard Von Welczeck (1844-1917), secretary of Saint Petersburg Legion and Foreign Affairs in Madrid. It was inherit by his son Graf Johannes Bernhard Von Welckzecke, then get by his daughter, the baroness Luisa Rosario Trinidad Bernardette Von Welczeck y Balmaceda, wife of Clemente Aldobrandini, mother of Camillo Aldobrandini, ancient Roman family.


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