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Лот 206 - Auction 62

200,00-400,00 EUR
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200,00 EUR
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"Uten.Silo II" red plastic panel
Plaster, 85 x 65 x 7 cm
The first version of this panel was made in the 1960s and had been chiatamata Wall-All ("all wall") produced by Ingo Maurer, also known as Design M (a company founded by designer Dorothée Becker's husband who was also a designer , Ingo Maurer).
The production of Uten.Silo was interrupted only in 1974 when the use of plastic lost followed due to the oil crisis.
A smaller version, the Uten.Silo II, was produced in 1970 by Ingo Maurer, but this was also removed from production in 1980.
In 2002 Vitra Design Museum put Uten.Silo back into production, as well as a chromed plastic version.


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