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Лот 304 - Auction 66 - Part II

A pair of etruscan embossed gold plaques. Female front busts with vegetable and zoomorphic ornaments.
H. 45 mm; gr. 5,18
Depiction of the "lady of the animals": In the center, at the top, a female head of prospectus grafted onto an inverted palmette; from this start two opposing volutes ending at the top with a palmette between two lion heads facing outwards. The subject derives from Phoenician prototypes. Considered for the use of clasps - closure of female garments or belt loops. The four holes on each plaque testify to their use only if sewn to a fabric or fixed to a thin leather or bronze element. Closing with hook-ring system. Wear marks and slight defects on the edge. Rare. For stylistic and subject comparisons: Pair of small plates from Cerveteri (Rome, Museum of Villa Giulia; London, British Museum) and from the studios of southern Etruria (Paris, Louvre Museum For comparisons: Aa.Vv., Ori degli Etruschi, edited by M. Cristofani and M. Martelli, pages 146, 113, 147, 114, British Museum Database, inv. No. 1872.0604.851; ancient treasures. The jewels of the Campana Collection, p. n.. 48. This lot is listed in an invoice from parisian gallery Mythes et Légendes by Michel Cohen in 1986, mentionning that the piece was formerly in Arthur Sambon (1867-1947) collection.
650-600 BC ca.


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