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Liber Veritatis - Plate 190 is a beautiful black and white etching and aquatint on paper realized by the Italian artist Ludovico Caracciolo, after Claudio di Lorena.

This old master's original print is a beautiful artist proof, the 190th plate from the series Liber Veritatis, published in Rome in 1815 by Francesco Bourlié. Representing a group of women and shepherds with their herds grazing near an antique temple, this aquatint by Ludovico Caracciolo (engraver) was inspired by the production of the French painter Claude Lorrain (draftsman). Signed and numbered at the bottom of the plate “Claudio di Lorena inv., L. Caracciolo F.”.

In very good conditions, with usual slightly brown paper on the margins and a little abrasion on the lower margin. Including a passepartout.
33 x 47.5


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