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Лот 364 - Auction 99

140,00 EUR
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Napoléon à Montereau is an original artwork realized by Hippolyte Bellangé in 1828. Original lithograph on paper.

Passepartout included.

The title and an inscription appear on the lower central margin.

Good conditions.

Wide gradient of black and grey hues representing a battle scene.

The artwork was realized by Joseph Louis Hippolyte Bellangé (1800 - 1866), a French battle scene painter and printmaker. His art was inspired by the wars fought by Napoleon; he produced several military drawings in lithography and etching. In 1824, he received a class medal for a historical picture and, in 1834, the decoration of the Legion of Honour. He also won a prize at the Universal Exposition.
24.5 x 34 (foglio), 32,5 x 50 (passepartout)


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